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File: README.txt
Description: Project-specific instructions and information concerning files
    located within this hierarchy and subhierarchies. In the event of
    conflicts, the lowest-level README.txt file is used for information
    regarding a file or files.

Current Location: RGBSaber/

    The RGBSaber project is an open-source electronics system for professional
lightsaber replicas. The RGBSaber electronics consist of a single channel high
power RGB LED control interface, allowing the user to implement full digital
color control over the color of the lightsaber blade.

    Included in this repository are the source files and documentation
necessary to recreate RGBSaber. If you believe something is missing
from the project, please contact us at

    Documentation related to this project is included in the 'Documentation'
folder. For additional documentation and other information, please see:

License Information:
    NBitWonder projects are released under the GNU GPL v3.0 for software,
firmware, simulations, and documentation and Creative Commons CC-BY-3.0 
for electronics and mechanical components. License copies can be found in the
file 'license.txt' in each of these top-level folders.
    NBitWonder projects may use files, software, libraries, etc. which is not
open source. These components may not be distributed within the project
repository or use a different license than that specified in license.txt. In
these cases, acquisition instructions and license exceptions are noted in a
given hierarchy's 'README.txt' file. Where conflicting, the lowest-level
'README.txt' file shall apply to a given file or files.

George Hadley
Chief Executive Officer
NBitWonder, LLC