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Keras implementation of CycleGAN
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CycleGAN with perception loss

What is this repository for?

Implementation of CycleGan model in Keras (original implementation link).

Demonstration: De-raining images

The example below presents 18 rainy images of shape (128x128x3) where cycleGAN with perception loss has been used to de-rain.

How do I get set up ?

Install Anaconda 3 Import the conda environment named deepenv using :

conda env create -f deepenv.yml

Activate that environment using :

source activate deepenv

Now all the dependencies must be installed without problems (Keras 2, tensorflow 1 ...)

How do I train CycleGAN ?

you may have information on how to run by:

python --help

you can train your own model by running (N.B.: example):

python --path_trainA ./data/trainA --path_trainB ./data/trainB --pic_dir ./intermediate_res --lmbd 10

How do I train CycleGAN with perception loss ?

you can train CycleGan with Perception loss by running:

python --path_trainA ./data/trainA --path_trainB ./data/trainB --pic_dir ./intermediate_res --lmbd 10 --lmbd_feat 1

How do I deploy CycleGAN on new images after training?

you can deploy the model on a given collection, in order to transform A to B or B to A (Possible only after training).

python --path_images ./data/trainA --pic_dir ./results --model_path ./../a2b.h5


└── cyclegan
    ├── data                         # data folder contaning both A and B images
         ├── trainA                  # images belonging to class A
         └── trainB                  # images belonging to class B
    ├── pics                         # intermediate results folders (for training phase)
    ├── deepenv.yml                  # Environment (keras 2, tensorflow 1.1, etc ...)
    ├──             # discriminator
    ├──                 # generator (Resblock 6 & unet_128)
    ├──            # utils for perception loss (Resnet50)
    ├──                  # cnn for perception loss (Resnet50)
    ├──                    # ReflectPadding2D & InstanceNormalization2D
    ├──                    # cycleGAN: fit & predict
    ├──                    # Readme
    ├──                      # deploy model
    ├──                     # train model
    ├──                     # utils


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