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Remove needsEarlyVideoSize config var, no longer necessary and unmatc…

…hed in base (packages/apps/Camera/res/values/config.xml)

Change-Id: Ic56f4e5e014232bf079af091a57b8d0cdc3fe4ef
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1 parent 67c5ee8 commit 6ebe3d36b8ff9dea25b163474e4f07e7bb76041e @Haifen committed May 12, 2012
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  1. +0 −3 overlay/packages/apps/Camera/res/values/config.xml
3 overlay/packages/apps/Camera/res/values/config.xml
@@ -21,9 +21,6 @@
for different hardware and product builds. -->
-<!-- Allow setting video size before recording starts, parameter "video-size=640x480" -->
-<bool name="needsEarlyVideoSize">true</bool>
<!-- Add parameter "cam_mode" instead of "cam-mode" for camcorder mode (photo or video) -->
<bool name="needsSamsungCamMode">false</bool>

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