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Thomas Haighton (last update 08-06-2014) My mxj objects for Cycling74 Max. Developed in Eclipse and tested in Max 6 on OSX 10.9. Read the "WritingMaxExternalsInJava.pdf" in your Max/java-doc/ Applications folder to see how to set up your development environment so you can compile the class file from the java source file. Or (if available) copy the class files into the Max/Cycling'74/java/classes/ folder.

##[mxj htmlsource] Files: java source and class. Simple piece of code to import the source of a webpage into Max.

##[mxj TwitterObject] Files: java source only. Object to get Twitter data into Max.

  • [search "something"] Search topic

  • [post "status update"] Post a status update to own timeline

  • [home] Show own timeline

  • [timeline nr_user_id] Show users timeline

  • [location boundingbox_coordinates] Show tweets from certain location

  • [message "text to send"] Send direct message to a user

  • [availabletrends] Show places that have trends data

  • [trends WOEID] Show trends of a certain location

##[mxj TwitterObjectStream] Files: java source only. Object to get Twitter Stream data into Max.

  • [stream location boundingbox_coordinates] Show tweets from a certain location

  • [stream follow nr_user_id] Show stream of user

  • [stream track "keyword"] Stream tweets containing certain word

##[mxj pandorabot] Files: java source and class. Object to chat with a pandora bot.

  • [toBot bot_id chat_id "mesage to say"]