Be in your Stereo is a plugin to SoundPlay that scans your BFS volumes for digital music files. It builds a cross-referenced index of your collection based on Artist, Genre, Year, and Album BFS attributes, then serves up views of your track list and collection via HTTP.
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This file should be read by anyone who intends to compile the source.


* BeOS development tools, available at
* SoundPlay plugin developer's toolkit AND liblayout plugin developer's
  toolkit available from

I recommend that the SoundPlay development toolkit have its headers
placed in /boot/develop/headers/soundplay, and liblayout have its headers
in /boot/develop/headers/liblayout.  The makefile expects this.

Included in etc/makefile-engine is a drop-in replacement for Be's
/boot/develop/etc/makefile-engine.  It basically has better support
for filenames with spaces in them, and automatic application of version


How to build:

Make sure there is a symbolic link to the SoundPlay binary in the
'bestereo' directory. This is required for linking.  The symlink must
be called _APP_.

   ln -s /boot/apps/SoundPlay/SoundPlay _APP_

Type 'make depend'. This builds the header dependency file.

Then type 'make'.  This will compile the plugin into obj.x86/ or obj.ppc/
as appropriate.


Special makefile targets:

There are a few makefile targets available to make your life easier:

make install
	This will compile the plugin and try to copy it to

make clean
	Nukes the contents of the object file directory.

make dist
	Creates a directory in /tmp, populates it with files required
	for shipping, then builds a .zip.  Also opens a Tracker window
	with the distribution directory.


Code roadmap:

These are the chunks:
	1) soundplay integration
	2) the web server
	3) the mp3 database

1) SP integration

	Describes the application to SoundPlay, using the structures
	defined in SoundPlay's pluginproto.h

ConfigView.h and cpp
	Builds a BView so that SoundPlay can show configuration for
	the plugin.

HttpUI.h and cpp
	This is the plugin class, called from soundplay_integration.cpp.
	If the preferences so dictate, this class will also spawn a web
	server to listen for hits from a web browser.

2) Web server (optional, depending on preferences)

HTTPRequest.h Http-thread.h and .cpp
	If the web server is active, hits are delegated into this class
	for handling.  Each web hits results in a spawned thread.

SLooper.h and .cp
	A mixin class for HttpUI.h which makes the message loop easy to
	find from remote applications.

3) MP3 Collection

mp3file.h AttributeIndex.* hash_string.h MP3Query.h
	Together, these files provide the implementation (filetypes,
	code) for the mp3 database.

	The database is kept by the class defined in MP3Query.h,
	using types built from the other files.  The MP3Query keeps an
	AttributeIndex, which is a hashed (i.e. fast) multiple-mapping
	(i.e. one to many) from a string to mp3file pointers.

	e.g. AttributeList genres;
	     This member has a set of associations like so:
	     "Ambient" -> Little Fluffly Clouds.mp3
	               -> Karma.mp3
	     "Rock" -> Metallica - We're Weenies.mp3 etc.
	An mp3file is basically a file reference on disk plus pointers
	into the AttributeList, for the purposes of quickly building

	mp3file.h also defines the type mp3set, for representing an
	unordered (!)  set of mp3's.


The PHP extension

Nearly everything interesting in BIYS is done in a PHP extension.  The source
for this is in ext/biys.  To get it building:

1. check out PHP from CVS by following the instructions at
2. In the directory you check out, symlink php/ext/biys to bestereo/exp/biys .

3. In PHP, type
	./configure --without-mysql --with-biys=/boot/home/dev/bestereo --prefix=/boot/home/config/ --with-perl