A picture browser based on the translators for displaying bitmap images.
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NOTE: the following README was from v0.9.1. This source code
is really from 1.6.1.
============== -------------------------------------------

         File: Butterfly-v0.9.1.pkg
       Author: Thomas THERY <dragfly_kj@rocketmail.com>
      Release: v0.9.1 (Oct 24th, 1999)
Compatibility: BeOS R4.5 for Intel
     Location: contrib/gfx
  Description: Picture browser
        Notes: Freeware

============== -------------------------------------------

Butterfly is a picture browser based on the translators for displaying
bitmap images. It was inspired by Sea, a DOS picture browser.
This should be the last release.


This program is provided as is. I take no responsibility for any
damage or consequences directly or indirectly, intentionally or
unintentionally, which may arise from using this program -


o file system browsing
o drag-and-drop support (resolve symb link)
o dynamically resize bitmaps to fit in the window.
o Zoom-In and Zoom-Out
o Convert and Save to others formats
o Pan using the mouse


You can either use the mouse or the keyboard to navigate.
To invoke a file, click on it or hit the return key.

When you invoke a directory, it becomes the current folder. The full
path is displayed at the bottom of the window.
When you invoke a recognised picture file, the file is loaded and

You can also drag-and-drop a file in the file list (on the left), to change directory and/or to view a picture.

Right-clicking in the picture view made a popup menu to appeared.
Select "convert" to save the picture to another format.
Select "Set All Desktop" to set the picture as the background image.

+/-			: Zoom in / Zoom out (do nothing in Auto fit mode)
.			: Toggle Real fullscreen mode (nothing but the picture)

up arrow		: move up within the file list
down arrow	:move down within the file list

shift + arrow : move the picture in the given direction

left mouse button to pan the picture
right mouse button to display the pop-up menu

Convert 			: Translate and save the current image to another format
Set as Desktop	: modifie the current background image
Zoom-in/out		: Guess...
preferences		: open the preferences panel


Release 1.0b1 (Oct 24th, 1999)
o Add 'Set as Desktop image' feature
o Remove some bugs
o Add a preference panel

Release 0.9.0 (Oct 16th, 1999)
o Pan using the mouse
o Convert to other formats
o pop-up menu

Release 0.3.0
o Zoom In/Out
o Keyboard scrolling
o Drag'n Drop anywhere in the window
o vertical scrollbar dimension bug removed

Release 0.2.0 (March 8th, 1999)
o drag-and-drop support.
o enhance display

Release 0.1.0 (March 8th, 1999)
o first public release.

Thanks to

Edmund Vermeulen <edmundv@xs4all.nl> for his translator routines.

Feel free to contact me

CrazyBugs Design
site : http://www.multimania.com/dragfly
email: dragfly_kj@rocketmail.com

Copyright ©1999 CrazyBugs Design. All rights reserved.