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Remember is a small app for Haiku, which allows you to get notifications about
events easily, by adding files into an Events folder. It will automatically
find those and, when the time you chose has arrived, it will pop up with a 
notification, warning you about the event.

To use it, just compile the source and place it wherever you like. When
starting the app for the first time, it will make an Events folder in your home
directory and set the correct columns.

To add an event, open the folder in Tracker and create a new file. Then fill in
the When, Where and What columns. When can be stuff like:

    3 days (in 3 days, at 12:00:00 AM)
    5 seconds (in 5 seconds)
    next friday 7 an (next friday, at 7:00:00 AM)
    1st february 2016 3:43 pm (1-2-2016 3:43:00 PM)

What and Where are text fields and can be filled in as you want. Events can
also be copied and moved.

Remember is copyright 2005 Michael Lotz, and released under the MIT license.