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Jabber for Haiku is an XMPP IM client based on Jabber For BeOS by John Blanco.
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linkmauve and pulkomandy doap: update to the latest specification (#34)
The xmpp-doap extension has be simplified to only expose the
SupportedXep class and its children properties, as well as categories,
and reuses DOAP to the maximum.
Latest commit 38ed07d Jul 27, 2019
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jabber Implement sending messages to group chats Jul 14, 2019
resources Fix license. Jun 4, 2019
support Implement some multi user chat. Jul 13, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Rename to Renga Jul 14, 2019
LICENSE Rename to Renga Jul 14, 2019
doap.xml doap: update to the latest specification (#34) Jul 27, 2019

Renga is a free XMPP client for Haiku.



Chat system
Individual user groups
Sound signal
Chat history
Interaction with other IRCs

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