Allows quick dynamic resizing of any translator-supported image.
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The Awesome Resizer v3.2
Copyright ©1999-2000
Author : Jonathan Villemure
E-mail :
Web page :
Description : TAResizer is a freeware application that allows quick dynamic resizing of any translator supported image and much much more.
Platform : Compiled under BeOS R5 (Intel Only)
Version : 3.2
What's new (in v3.2)?
-New Coord window shows current mouse position & size of current selection.
-New Grip option allows easier resizing. (bigger resize corner)
What's new (in v3.1)?
-Recompiled for R5.
What's new (in v3.0)?
-Undo (for most effects, 8 levels of undo max)
-Smooth scaling (when shrinking image)
-Fixed a bug in the "blur" effect.
-And misc. improvements
What's new (in v2.2)?
-The selection rectangle flick less than before.
-New color swaping effects
-Added progress indicator in the Title Tab.
What's new (in v2.1)?
-Nothing except that TAResizer is now FREEWARE !!!
How it works (The "Manual")
-Drag'n Drop an image file on the window to show it.
-Resizing the window (with the borders) resize the image.
-You can also enter the width and height directly. ("S" and "L" boxes = Save and Load specific values).
-Uncheck "Aspect Ratio" and the image will fit the entire window.
-"Reset" resize the image to its original size, removing all effects along the way.
-"Undo" undo the last action done on the image.
-"Smooth scaling", to improve the visual quality of shrinked images.  (I tried to implement it to be done on-the-fly while resizing but I lost the "smooth resizing" feel, so I decided to put it separetly.  It only works with shrinked images)

-"File" contains the name of the file that will be created.
-"As" Allow you to choose your preferred output format (you MUST select one).
-Click on the modified image and drag it out (in a folder or on the desktop) to create a new image in the choosen output format.
-You can also do a right-click drag to specify a particular region of the image to save !

-"Action" : (Use "Do it" to execute the choosen action)
	90 rotation : Rotate the image 90 deg counter clock-wise.
	Flip Top-Bottom : Flip the image around the horizontal axis.
	Flip Left-Right : Flip the image around the vertical axis.
	Light : Lighten the image.
	Darkness : Darken the image.
	Blur : Usefull fonction to apply after having resized your image.
	Melt : Home-made effect.
	Drunk : Funny effect.  Use it on a screenshot with text in it and you will know where the name came from :-)
	Black & White : Convert color image to Black and White image. (Cool !)
	Invert : Invert the colors of the image (Not very useful but everybody has it, so...)
	Swap X-Y : Swap the "X" and "Y" channels.
	Screenshot : Take a screenshot of your current Desktop.

-I try to drag the image out but nothing happen...
You must have an image loaded, the "File" Box must NOT be empty and you must choose an output format (jpg, bmp, etc)

-Comments ?  Questions ?  Suggestions ?  Want more Informations ?  Reproductible Bug ?  Bad spelling in this readme ?
Write to