Whisper BeNet aims to provide a VoIP solution to the Haiku Platform.
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Whisper BeNet v1.2

Whisper BeNet, as far as a can tell was a project by a couple of developers in Canada one of them the following contact information:

	If you have any comments regarding our application, or if you find
	any bugs (we left some for you!!), send us email:

	Mathieu Brault (bram01@gel.usherb.ca)

In the Aboux box of Whisper BeNet you will be able to check all the individuals working in that project.

Some years later in the context of my final studies project done in yellowTAB GmbH, the sources of BeNet were obtained its evolution becoming Whisper delivered with ZETA 1.2.

Now after requesting all implied parts, the project has become open to implement a chat voice solution for the platform.+

This header file to be populated to all sources which do not include license:

 * Copyright 1998-2001 the BeNet Team
 * Copyright 2004-2006 Bernd Korz & Oliver Ruiz Dorantes oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com
 * Copyright 2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com
 * Copyright 2013 WhisperBeNet Maintainers
 * All rights reserved. Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


Dev versions of Whisper:
	0.2.2 Sending forward theorical null frame
	0.2.3 Add the posibility to skip the filter at compilation time
	0.2.4 Added new icons from Hartmann
	0.2.5 Decreased the filter limit
	0.2.6 Scope update moved to the end of the hook
	0.2.7 reMoved input format control in the hook
	0.2.8 Color of scope is changing depending if the voice is producing useful information
	0.2.9 ac97 patch
	0.3.0 new sound engine and NONE_IN fixes
	0.3.1 Icon menu and preferences fixes
	0.3.2 new URLview, binary optimizations, warnings reduced

Whisper BeNet v1.2 :
	-Initial version, would be equivalent to Whisper 1.2

TODO 1.3:
-	Remove libSanta dependency
-	Port To Haiku

Whisper BeNet v1.3.1
	1.3.1 Moved to HaikuArchives on GitHub.com, replaced rsrc file with rdef file.
			Added HVIF icon by Meanwhile