Converts MS Visual Studio 6.0 RC (Resource files) into Be Interface Kit C++ source code.
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This (may) be an old version of WinRC2Be. I don't know. It was found by 3dEyes in his personal collection. Despite what the LICENSE says, this software is under the BSD/MIT license -- it says so at

Original WinRC2Be Readme

Converts MS Visual Studio 6.0 RC (Resource files) into Be Interface Kit C++ source code. Exports all your dialogs boxes, widgets, menus, icons and bitmaps from your Win32 MS Visual Studio application into Be Interface Kit, with the same layout. Extremely powerful and free software.

WinRC2BE reads your .RC file and resource.h and generates C++ source code, ready to be compiled with BeIDE.


  • buttons and attributes (default button, size/position, text)
  • check box with text / size and position
  • radio buttons
  • sliders with size / position
  • lists view with size / position
  • tree view with size / position
  • texts, with Win32 to BeOS charset conversion / position
  • icons from .ICO files
  • bitmaps from .BMP files
  • boxes with text / size / position
  • ALL the windows of your .RC files
  • string tables
  • menus keeping the hiearchy, with separator, underline
  • custom controls
  • of course, generate message IDs into BMessage

Icons and bitmaps are stored into the executable at the first execution.

Command line program. Provided HTML help documentation, library (needed for translating ICO to BBitmap), and sample project.