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XCalc 2.6

XCalc screenshot

Thank you for downloading XCalc...

Binaries of this version not provided by me, you must compile it yourself.

  1. Select language in "Source/Defines.h".
  2. Compile XCalc.
  3. Run "INSTALL" from this directory.

You can't find your language header? Try to go http://nruslan.hotbox.ru/projects/xcalc/languages.html for checking language update package. Can't find it? Translate to your language yourself!

How to translate? Go to Source/Dictionary and take prefer language to translate. Translate it and rename file to your language. After translating send it me to nruslan@hotbox.ru.

Why I use this simple method to translate XCalc? I found that libraries like liberudite is very buggy. Very nice method to use defines.