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Data structure in between a linked list and array
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A different dynamic array

Potential Uses:

Faster than dynamic array at appends/pops
Can be used for the fastest stack/queue/etc data structure
Can be converted (in θ(log n) time) into regular dynamic array for constant time random access

Running Time:

Random Access: Ο(log n)
Sequential Access (via iteration): θ(1)
Append: θ(1) non-amortized


#include "LinkedArray.h"

LinkedArray<int> arr;

for (int i = 0; i < 2048; i++)
for (int i = 0; i < arr.size(); i++)
  std::cout << arr[i] << ", ";

Preliminary Tests:

100000000 ints comparison: Linked Array vs Vector vs List:

LinkedArray push_back execution time (s): 0.460008
LinkedArray "iterator" access execution time (s):0.324898
LinkedArray random access execution time (s): 5.31022
LinkedArray pop_back execution time (s): 0.517355

Vector push_back execution time (s): 3.68421
Vector iterator access execution time (s):0.489282
Vector random access execution time (s): 0.330557
Vector pop_back execution time (s): 3.86254

List push_back execution time (s): 25.6141
List iterator access execution time (s):0.562516
List random access execution time (s): *did not run due to astronomically long running time*
List pop_back execution time (s): 8.65295
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