This is the Game Off 2018 entry from Micah Koleoso Software
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This is the Game Off 2018 Entry from Micah Koleoso Software Running from the 1st November to 1st December, 2018.

The entry consists of a client (Unity: GO2018_MKS_Client) and server (C# .NET: GO2018_MKS_Server) application.

TODO: Version Info

TODO: Introduce game play

TODO: Credits

TODO: Write documentation to handle custom server install, setup and configuration

Open Game Features

  • Enable drone upgrade path (food, tech):
    • 4 Upgrade optional/choice levels
    • Food upgrade costs: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500
    • Tech upgrade costs: 1125, 1125, 1125, 1125 A - Faster drone speed:
      A - Reduce unit food usage:
      B - More food collection max volume:
      B - More tech collection max volume:
      C - Barricade build and breaker:
      C - Barricade build and breaker:
      D - Opponent unit food resource stealer:
      D - Opponent unit tech resource stealer:
  • Breed new drones, max. 8. Keep upgrades for old and new drones
  • Death of Breeder causes game loss
  • Make 3 maps (48x48) initially for jam release
  • Configuration Options: Fog of War [on/off] Timed game session [on/off] 2:50, 5:00, 7:50, 10:00 minutes per Session Music [on/off/Volume] Sound FX [on/off/Volume]
  • Replace placeholder art!
  • End round when timer runs out
  • Actions (Hold Key to enable mode actioning on next click): ESC - (toggle) Show/hide menu ingame S - (press) Stop navigation immediately P - (hold) Build barricade mode [Breeder Resource Cost per Barricade placed: F: 250 T: 250] B - (hold) Destroy barricade mode F - (hold) Feed the Breeder Food from all nearby drones T - (hold) Feed the Breeder Tech from all nearby drones

Development TODOs

  • *Implement synched time coutdown from server
  • Implement session end on timeout
  • Implement session win/loss display with return to create or join screen as last chosen
  • Implement network player navigation and actions cross communication during session *Unit navigation commands *Unit Food/Tech level changes Unit drone spawns (only near Breeder) *Resource food/tech level changes Barricade spawns *Barricade level changes