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GameOff2018 MKS Entry - "Scamper Fields"

This is the Game Off 2018 Entry from Micah Koleoso Software ( Running from the 1st November to 1st December, 2018.

The entry consists of a client (Unity: GO2018_MKS_Client) and server (C# .NET: GO2018_MKS_Server) application. Game page:

Version Info

v1.0preAlpha3 - TBD

  • (Client) Unit outlines when selected
  • (Client) Map navigation with space bar for 2-button mice (e.g. Macos)
  • (Server) TBD
  • (Dev) Moved to Unity 2019.0.1f2
  • (Dev) Moved to .NET Framework 8.0
  • (Dev) Moved to Visual Studio 2019

v1.0preAlpha2 - 28th December 2018

  • (Client) First-pass redesign of maps: Morpholite, Sunset and Overlord
  • (Client) Added ingame chat
  • (Client) First-pass UI enhancements
  • (Server) Added client network login duration information
  • (Server) Added further client and connection statistics
  • (Server) Handle ingame chat with profanity filtering

v1.0preAlpha1 - 7th December, 2018

  • (Client) Corrections to the Morpholite map navigation mesh to enable easier navigation for Drones and Breeders
  • (Server) Remove inactive players from server after 15 mins without communications

v1.0preAlpha - 28th November, 2018 Initial Jam release

Introduction To Gameplay


Collect as much Food and Tech resources as possible before the timer runs out, more than your opponent. Most actions are automatically initiated when the Breeder or Drone is
near enough to the target. Food is constantly required by all units to survive. The Breeder must not
die of hunger or the round will be lost immediately!


A) Faster Drone speed or reduce unit Food usage [Cost: F:1000 T:1125] B) Increase max collection volume for Food or Tech [Cost: F:1200 T:1125] C) Barricade build or break capability [Cost: F:2000 T:1125] D) Absorb opponent Food or Tech when stationary [Cost: F:2500 T:1125]


LEFT - Select Breeder or Drone. Click and drag to rectangle-select. In barricade placement mode, the barricade is built at click location if
resources are sufficient MIDDLE - Pan the map RIGHT - Set navigation target for selected units


ESC - (toggle) Show/hide menu ingame S - (press) Stop unit navigation immediately P - (hold) Build barricade mode [Breeder Resource Cost per Barricade placed: F: 250 T: 250] B - (hold) Destroy barricade mode F - (hold) Feed the Breeder Food from all nearby drones T - (hold) Feed the Breeder Tech from all nearby drones D - (hold) Drone spawn mode [Breeder Resource Cost per Drone placed: F: 750 T: 500] SPACE - Use mouse to pan the map while pressed


Gfx And Textures: Original mouse and keyboard icon - Original terrain tiles from

Music: All music by Eric Matyas with special thanks!

Sfx: Original SFX "Warrior Battle Chants and Shouts" Copyright 2012 Iwan Gabovitch [] from 370961__cabled-mess__click-03-minimal-ui-sounds.wav by 422836__gamedevc__g-ui-button-hover-1.wav by 448086__breviceps__normal-click.wav by 22952__acclivity__cheer.wav by 51269__rutgermuller__electric-noise-2.wav by


TODO custom server install setup configuration

Game Features And Infos

4 Upgrade optional/choice levels Food upgrade costs: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 Tech upgrade costs: 1125, 1125, 1125, 1125 A - Faster drone speed
A - Reduce unit food usage
B - More food collection max volume
B - More tech collection max volume
C - Barricade build and breaker
C - Barricade build and breaker
D - Opponent unit food resource stealer
D - Opponent unit tech resource stealer

  • Breed new drones, max. 8
  • Configuration Options: Timed game session [on/off] 2:50, 5:00, 7:50, 10:00 minutes per Session Music [on/off/Volume] Sound FX [on/off/Volume]
  • 3 maps (Morpholite, Sunset and Overlord)

Development MAYBES and TODOs


  • (In Progress) Redo breeder and drone units
  • Make breeder and drone animation for idle, walk, actions
  • SFX for activities
  • Redo maps terrain and placements, enhance visually
  • Improve particle effects
  • Single player mode vs AI (local)
  • Add terrain clutter and detail to maps
  • Release Linux x86 version
  • Release Macos x86_64 version
  • Unit with full resources should not provoke resource particles emissions if no resources are collected
  • (In Progress) Improve selected unit display (bordering, outlines)
  • (In Progress) Outline units and relevant placements


  • TBD.

Unit Animations List Common(Queen/Drone) - idle x 3 - die - mine food/tech - move

Bugs/Known Issues

  • Clicking on the map above terrain sets the navigation target to the terrain point if underneath
  • Loss of input capability after chat or window change?
  • Selecting of upgrades is broken


This is the Game Off 2018 entry from Micah Koleoso Software




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