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This is Hakaru's Programer for serially controlled Benchtop powersupplys.

license: This software is licensed under the GPLv2 licence, this allows other users of this software to modify the software and/or redistribute derivatives of this software. Any modified versions of / derivatives of this software that are publicly distributed must provide the developer of the original work (me) with the changes made as in accordance with the GPLv2 licence.

Additional EULA (agreed to by use of original software/source code) includes this software may not be redistributed under a different name unless additional functionality of the software has been that has had the effect of changing he targeted use case or audience of the software. Additionally this software or it's derivatives are prohibited from being sold commercially, it may be redistributed free of charge (in accordance to the GPL licence) or may be resold only by non-profit organisations. However it may be operated and modified internally by for-profit organisations.

System requirements: A PC that can run a windows OS with .NET V4.5, A Serial interface to communucate with the PSU.

Disclaimer of responsibility: Any damage caused via the use of this software is of the responsibility of the End-user. The software is capable of damaging electronics components if used inappropriately.

Also note that the Exe supplied may be a few updates out of date. so rebulilding with vis studio (Or any .Net compiler) may solve problems found with the supplied exe.

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