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Halbuilder is a simple Java API for generating and consuming HAL documents conforming to the HAL Specification.

Generating Local Resources

RepresentationFactory representationFactory = new StandardRepresentationFactory();

Representation owner = representationFactory.newRepresentation("")
  .withLink("td:friend", "")
  .withProperty("name", "Mike")
  .withProperty("age", "36");

Representation halResource = representationFactory.newRepresentation("")
  .withNamespace("td", "{rel}")
  .withLink("td:search", "/todo-list/search;{searchterm}")
  .withLink("td:description", "/todo-list/description")
  .withProperty("created_at", "2010-01-16")
  .withProperty("updated_at", "2010-02-21")
  .withProperty("summary", "An example list")
  .withRepresentation("td:owner", owner);

String xml = halResource.toString(RepresentationFactory.HAL_XML);
String json = halResource.toString(RepresentationFactory.HAL_JSON);

Reading Local Resources

RepresentationFactory representationFactory = new RepresentationFactory();

Representation representation = representationFactory.readRepresentation(
                  new InputStreamReader(Some.class.getResourceAsStream("/test.xml")));

Apache Maven

HalBuilder is deployed to Apache Maven Central under the following coordinates:



More documentation is available from the main website at

Development Forum

Email support and discussion is available on the development forum.

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