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Halcyon-tuned C# conversion of NVIDIA PhysX SDK
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Halcyon PhysX

Halcyon-tuned C# conversion of NVIDIA's PhysX SDK.

This is a reporting PhysX from C++ to C# using newer tools.


At the moment this has only been developped for Linux, though Windows is on the radar. MacOS is right off the edge of the horizon, but I think I can see its mast.

  1. Bootstrap the project:
    $ ./
  2. Open the folder in Visual Studio Code, or the solution file in your editor of choice.
  3. Compile and run it.
  4. Review the run log and generated files in the bin folder for problems.
  5. Not gotten past that last point yet...

Related tools

There are other ports of NVIDIA's PhysX SDK to C# out there, so why this one? It comes down to the other ports either being abandoned with an ancient version of PhysX or being forced to use legacy ways of doing things that are slowing them down.

I'm sure there have been others I've tripped across, but StillDesign's work has far outlasted and outshined them all. This is simply our own attempt to take stilldesign's comment to heart and give it a go.

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