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@Half-Shot Half-Shot released this Nov 6, 2018 · 232 commits to master since this release

(Most of these changes appeared in 0.3.0-rc1)

Changes for 0.3.0:

Shoutout to our new member of the team, @Sorunome who did a lot of the review work behind the scenes for this release. Also, thank you to everyone who submitted a PR or an issue!


  • #251 Support for Postgresql and a newer SQLite3 backend!
  • #182 Replace npmlog with winston, for logging to files and better logging overall.
  • #221 Add support for m.sticker.
  • #210 Discord-side moderation of matrix users.
  • #259 Show Matrix replies as Discord embeds.
  • #164 Bot will now mention name, topic and membership changes on Discord.
  • #175 Add special discord keys onto for ghosts
  • #179 Add rooms to the directory when bridged.
  • #220 Messages are now deleted by a users puppet rather than the bot.
  • #244 Emotes (/me) now start with the user's displayname. Thanks @anoadragon453
  • #252 Handle channel deletions and syncing names and topics.
  • #159 Add a Dockerfile and supporting configuration. Thanks @turt2live
  • #261, #262 Add chanfix script to force update of name and topic, and optionally avatar.


  • #152, #153 and #154 - Issues with the user client tool.
  • #160 URLs are no longer mangled by mentions
  • #167 Puppeting client's no longer blow up when emitting errors.
  • #169 AdminMe tool no longer syncs.
  • #171 Don't show embeds without a topic or description.
  • #180 Presence now uses User objects rather than GuildMember.
  • #186 Misc fixes to discord message processing.
  • #189 Usersyncer fixes.
  • #190 Presence handler now checks and registers a user.
  • #194 Ensure nickname is set on ghosts rather than username
  • #195 Use correct name when mentioning on Discord.
  • #218 Fix Discord users not being invited to matrix rooms. @Pneumaticat
  • #223 and #224 Logging fixes
  • #233 Emoji tweaks.
  • #250 Allow media events with missing
  • #263 Messages are queued behind each other to ensure correct order. Thanks @Johni0702 for the initial PR.
  • Fix bug where handling events would cause errors to be thrown (rc2)
  • Fix bug where the bot would not process commands (rc3)
  • Fix issue where messages deleted via discord were not handled correctly. (rc4)


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