A matrix client library in .NET (C#)
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Matrix .NET SDK

This SDK provides a wrapper around the Client>Server API for the Matrix.org Specification.

It is not yet a complete implementation, but it is considered usable enough for bots and basic clients.

How to Use

A nuget exists for this project at https://www.nuget.org/packages/MatrixSDK.dll/1.0.0

A (very barebones) examples is in the solution file, but you will almost certainly need more.


Documentation is covered for the Client (and some of the API), however no online resources exist yet.

Reporting Issues

Please report bugs/features/threats through the github issue tracker.

If you have a pressing issue, you can find me on matrix as @Half-Shot:half-shot.uk

Projects using the SDK

(If you are using it and want to get listed, send a pull request in 😄 )