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A matrix <-> keybase bridge
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A matrix <-> keybase bridge

What can it do?

  • Log in
  • Simple DMs between two people sending text


git clone
cd matrix-keybase
yarn build
  • Fill in config.yml using the provided config.sample.yml
  • Fill in registration.yml using the provided registration.sample.yml
  • Link registration.yml in your homeservers configuration
node ./lib/app.js


  • Invite @keybase:domain to a 1:1 room and send a message containing !login username paper key with spaces.
  • Wait for it to tell you that you are connected.
  • Tell someone to message you.
  • Accept thy invite.
  • Two way messaging success!

Future Plans

  • Full profile support
  • Following/accepting and revoking users
  • Support for wallet functionality
  • Richer messsage formatting
  • File support
  • Initiating DMs from matrix
  • Group support.
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