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Network packet sniffing and crafting wrapper based on the libtins library.
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Wrapper for the libtins library. Libtins can be used to sniff network packages, or to generate network pacakages yourself. See the tutorial section of libtins to see how more advanced uses

The addon currently implements a simple packet sniffer ofxSnifferSimple running in a background thread, and a http interpreter. This makes it super easy to sniff http traffic. But the addon can also be used just as a way to include the libtins library that has many many other uses.

Build Libraries

Note: If you dont want to build the libraries yourself, then download the release instead

The static libraries are build with apothecary. After you have cloned the addon to your addons folder, run

cd scripts/apothecary
./apothecary update ofxSniffer

This will build libtins and libpcap. Currently only tested on mac os, but should work under linux and windows (with some modifications to the formula).

Known Issues

Permission denied opening dev/bpf0

In some cases you need to gain access to read from you network card. This might manifest itself on OS X as (cannot open BPF device) /dev/bpf0: Permission denied (See more on issue #2). You can fix this by running the command sudo chmod o+r /dev/bpf*.

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