OpenFrameworks Addon making it simple to stream a video stream from one computer to another using ffmpeg library.
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This addon is for streaming an image from one computer to another using H.264 protocol and ffmpeg as backbone.


Add the addon to a new project with the project generator, or add it to an existing project using the OFPlugin for XCode.

Note: Due to a bug in the project generator and OFPlugin, you need to remove some files from your project. Remove the folder ofxStreamer/libs/libx264/include in the project navigator.


ofxStreamerSender: Use the ofxStreamerSender to send a video feed to a receiver. It can both send an ofImage or a unsigned char *, it will then be encoded by ffmpeg into a h.264 packet, and transmitted over UDP to the destination IP. The settings of the sender can be tuned with the preset and tune attributes.

The stream can also be opened in applications like VLC

ofxStreamerReceiver: Use this class to receive video feeds from the sender. It is inheriting from ofBaseVideo, so it can be used like a ofVideoPlayer after it has been set up with a port number.

Save the stream from commandline

If you would like to save the stream as a video file you can use ffmpeg like this:

$ ./ffmpeg -i "udp://@:1234" -vcodec libx264 output.mp4