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Arrows and Dvorak #2

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Doing a whole config screen turned out to be an overkill just for 4 key remaps. You should really plan shit out better before you sit down to code.



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Commits on Oct 6, 2012
  1. @Fuuzetsu
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@@ -230,13 +230,19 @@ def _axis_move(self, axis, pos):
elif axis == "y": self.y += pos
def move(self, dt, keys):
- if pyglet.window.key.W in keys:
+ k = pyglet.window.key
+ up = [k.W, k.COMMA, k.UP]
+ down = [k.S, k.O, k.DOWN]
+ left = [k.A, k.LEFT]
+ right = [k.D, k.E, k.RIGHT]
+ anyIn = lambda l, m: reduce(lambda a, b: a or b, [x in m for x in l])
+ if anyIn(up, keys):
self.axis_move(dt, "y", self.speed)
- if pyglet.window.key.S in keys:
+ if anyIn(down, keys):
self.axis_move(dt, "y", -1 * self.speed)
- if pyglet.window.key.D in keys:
+ if anyIn(right, keys):
self.axis_move(dt, "x", self.speed)
- if pyglet.window.key.A in keys:
+ if anyIn(left, keys):
self.axis_move(dt, "x", -1 * self.speed)
class Present(pyglet.sprite.Sprite, Collide):
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