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import pygame
from pygame.locals import *
import mode
import map_file
import camera
import config
import content
import messenger
import agent
class BattleMode(mode.Mode): pass
class Map(object):
def __init__(self, name, file_name, group, thing_group, size): = name
self.file_name = file_name = group
self.size = size
self.thing_group = thing_group#for objects and entities
self.start_agents = []
self.start_objects = [] = [[None for y in xrange(size[1])] for x in xrange(size[0])]
def width(self): return size[0]
def height(Self): return size[1]
def save_data(self):
json_info = {}
json_info["NAME"] =
json_info["MAP"] = [[None for y in xrange(size[1])] for x in xrange(size[0])]
for x, row in enumerate(
for y, item in enumerate(row):
json_info["MAP"][x][y] =[x][y]
return json_info
class GameMode(mode.Mode):
"A class for the mode that involves traversing the over world."
def __init__(self):
def new_game(self):
"Basic setup for a new game."
self.player = Player(config.PLAYER_START) = map_file.load_map(config.START_MAP)
self.agents =
self.objects =
#self.agent_object_group = #Copies the map group (sprite batch) that draws objects and agents
#self.cam_buffer_screen = pygame.Surface() #a buffer surface used to position objects and agents relative to the camera
def save_data(self):
json_info = {}
json_info["PLAYER"] = self.player.save_data()
json_info["MAP"] =
json_info["AGENTS"] = [agent.save_data() for agent in self.agents]
json_info["OBJECTS"] = [a_object.save_data() for a_object in self.objects]
return json_info
def on_draw(self, display, screen, camera):
display.blit(screen, (0, 0))
camera =
display.blit(screen, (camera.rect.left ,
def on_update(self):
for a_object in self.objects:
if a_object.in_camera(): a_object.update()
for agent in self.agents:
if agent.in_camera():
def on_input(self, a_input):
for event in a_input:
if event.type == KEYDOWN:
camera =
if event.key == K_w:
camera.move_ip(0, 32)
elif event.key == K_s:
camera.move_ip(0, -32)
if event.key == K_a:
camera.move_ip(32, 0)
elif event.key == K_d:
camera.move_ip(-32, 0)
if event.key == K_UP:
self.player.move(0, -1 * self.player.speed)
elif event.key == K_DOWN:
self.player.move(0, self.player.speed)
if event.key == K_RIGHT:
self.player.move(self.player.speed, 0)
elif event.key == K_LEFT:
self.player.move(-1 * self.player.speed, 0)
class Object(pygame.sprite.Sprite, camera.View):
"A class for all objects."
def __init__(self, group, pos, size, image):
super(Object, self).__init__(group)
self.image = image
self.rect = pygame.rect(pos, size)
def save_data(self):
return None
def update():
class Player(agent.Mover):
"The class representing the player character."
def __init__(self, pos): = pygame.sprite.Group()
super(Player, self).__init__(, pos, config.PLAYER_SIZE, content.IMAGE["PLAYER_1"])
self.speed = 64
self.actions = []
def save_data(self):
return None
def update(self):
if self.actions: self.actions.pop()()
def draw(self, screen):