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import pygame
class Button(pygame.sprite.Sprite):
"A clickable button that has an effect on hover, and touch."
def __init__(self, group, image, pos, size):
super(Button, self).__init__(group)
self.image = image
self.rect = pygame.Rect(pos, size)
def is_hover(self, event):
if < event.pos[1] < + self.rect.height:
if self.rect.left < event.pos[0] < self.rect.left + self.rect.width:
return True
return False
def is_click(self, event):
if self.is_hover(event) and event.button:
return True
return False
def on_update(self):
if self.is_hover(): self.on_hover()
if self.is_click(): self.on_click()
def on_hover(self): pass
def on_click(self): pass