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import json
import pygame
import game
import tile
import agent
import config
def save_map(a_map):
"Takes a map and returns JSON text representing it."
a_file = open(a_map.file_name, "w")
json_info = a_map.save_data()
def load_map(file_name):
"Takes a file_name and creates a map out of it."
a_file = open(file_name)
json_info = json.loads(
group = pygame.sprite.Group()
thing_group = pygame.sprite.Group()
a_map = game.Map(json_info["NAME"], file_name, group, thing_group, (len(json_info["MAP"][0]), len(json_info["MAP"])))
agents = [age for age in json_info["AGENTS"]]
for a_agent in agents: a_map.start_agents.append(agent.AGENT[a_agent["NAME"]](thing_group, a_agent["POS"], config.TILE_SIZE))
objects = [a_object for a_object in json_info["OBJECTS"]]
for y, row in enumerate(json_info["MAP"]):
for x, item in enumerate(row):[x][y] = tile.TILE[item](group, (x * config.TILE_WIDTH, y * config.TILE_HEIGHT), config.TILE_SIZE)
return a_map