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import pygame
import json
import content
import camera
TILE = {}
class Tile(pygame.sprite.Sprite, camera.View):
def __init__(self, group, pos, size, name, image, walk):
super(Tile, self).__init__(group) = name
self.image = image #The image the tile has
self.rect = pygame.Rect(pos, size)
self.walk = walk #Whether or not the tile can be traversed
def on_touch(self, other):
"What happens to something upon walking over this tile."
def save_data(self):
"Returns a JSON dictionary describing this tile."
return json.dumps({"TILE" :,
"POS" : self.rect.topleft,
"SIZE" : self.rect.size})
#Each possible tile is a constructor that takes a group for the tile to belong to
#Tiles without special 'on_touch' functions are created with lambdas
TILE["GRASS_1"] = lambda group, pos, size : Tile(group, pos, size, "GRASS_1", content.IMAGE["GRASS_1"], True)
TILE["CRUMPLE_PAPER_1"] = lambda group, pos, size : Tile(group, pos, size, "CRUMPLE_PAPER_1", content.IMAGE["CRUMPLE_PAPER_1"], True)
TILE["HOLE_IN_PAPER_1"] = lambda group, pos, size : Tile(group, pos, size, "HOLE_IN_PAPER_1", content.IMAGE["HOLE_IN_PAPER_1"], False)