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SVM Starter Kit

Starter kit components

  • Two pre-trained example bots, comprised of a python file that references, and a .svc model weight file: ** Passive bot:, passive.svc ** Aggressive bot:, aggressive.svc
  • Resources for training a new SVM bot ** Empty replays directory, into which you put game replay files for training **, which you run to train a new bot **, which parses replay files during training **, which will define your model
  •, which will install dependencies
  • /hlt directory, which contains modifiable helper functions for your bot
  • A Halite executable that enables local playtesting of your bot
  • The scripts run_game.bat (Windows) and (MacOS, Linux)

Training a new bot

Download Training Data

Create a training dataset by downloading historical game replay files via the Halite client.

python -m hlt_client

  • Download replays for your target training user(s). The download destination_folder should be your replays directory.

python -m hlt_client replay user -i [user_id] -l [maximum_number_of_files] -d [destination_folder]

Train your bot

  • Update with the name of your training user(s). The name is case-sensitive. For example, to train on a user named "aggressive", for whom you have downloaded replays, you would insert the following into the file:
m = model.HaliteModel()
m.train_on_files('training', 'aggressive')'aggressive.svc')
  • Run

Testing your bot locally

  • Run run_game.bat (Windows) and (MacOS, Linux) to run a game of Halite III. By default, these scripts run a game of your bot vs. itself. You can modify the board size, map seed, and the opponents of test games using the CLI.


The Halite executable comes with a command line interface (CLI). Run $ ./halite --help to see a full listing of available flags.

Submitting your bot

  • Duplicate the example or, and rename the file "". If you have trained a new bot, update the file with the correct references to your new bot file and model weight.
  • Zip,,,, and the /hlt directory together.
  • Submit your zipped file here:
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