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Halite II Match Manager

This is a small Python script which can run many games between local bots, producing ranking data which is stored in an sqlite3 database.

This was adapted from the Halite I match manager. Some bugs and legacy code may remain.

It requires the 'skills' module which can be installed through Pip:


Full command line arguments can by displayed by running "" with no arguments. Examples of Bash command line invocation are shown below.

To add a bot: ./ -A botname -p ./path/to/bot

To add a Python bot: ./ -A botname -p "python3 ./path/to/"

To activate/deactivate/delete a bot: ./ -a botname ./ -d botname ./ -D botname

To run a single match: ./ -m

To run matches forever (keypress will cause interrupt after current match): ./ -f

To display ranks: ./ -r

To show the results of the most recent matches (further formatting wanted): ./ -R 0

To visualize match_id 16037: ./ -V 16037

To visualize a replay file: ./ -F /path/to/replay.hlt

The visualizer must be set up separately. The command used to visualize replays is specified at the top of