This is the code use in the HaliteTournaments discord server to run our tournaments
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Halite Tournaments


Halite Tournaments is a project created by @FrankWhoee and @Splinter0 to allow fans of the @twosigma's AI challenge Halite-II to participate in exciting tournaments!

This is the code that we run on our server to interact with our discord community, which is where we organize and run all our tournaments.

Join our discord server :


  • python3
  • python3-pip
  • mongodb-org
  • python3-discord (install through pip3)
  • python3-pymongo (install through pip3)
  • (all dependencies to compile the bots submissions)

Run to automatically install the dependencies.


  • - Bash file to start the environment
  • - Bash file to install dependencies
  • imgs/ - Folder where we store images
  • season-3/ - Folder with all season-3 related stuff
  • bots/ - Folder where bot submissions are stored in
  • env/ - Folder with the game environment
  • mongo/ - Folder to store database
  • db/ - Containing templates for db setup


Since we are compiling and executing untrusted code we setted up security measures to protect our server. Some of them are mandatory to setup, so if you wanna run this code on your own server you will have to follow them, others are optional.


As database to store the data about our players, settings and matches we use MongoDB. The user are setted up to be one root which has complete access to the halite-tournaments database, and the other one called arena, which is the user that only has access to matches and players. You should check the folder db/ for more info about the roles and the users.

Running the program

The discord bot is run by a user which has to provide his password to become sudo ( very recommended ). The other user is the user arena which is the one that compiles the code for the bots and runs the matches.


The user arena does not have internet access, to limit all the possible damage that could be done if malicious code is contained in the code for the bots. arena also has restricted access to the project folder ( it is recommended ), you can set the permissions up as you wish. The user running the discord bot is allowed internet access of course and is in charge of installing dependencies for the bots as well. He has access to all project folders.


  • A webapp to interact with the game environment
  • Fairly big cash prizes
  • Include Halite-I tournaments for the vintage fans 😆


  • Add more languages support
  • Add support with HT-Backup
  • Add precompiled engine to !engine command
  • Add suggestions from season-2:
    - Logs for make failures on submission
    - A command to check who submitted
    - Submissions available from DM
    - Battle dimensions default
    - Starter bot people can fight against
    - A player should be able to battle against itself
    - Include damage, ships created in log for battles
    - Sending log files for matches
  • Add more emojis on the messages 😉


Please help us improve this code! We would love to hear your opinion!

Join our discord server and help our community grow !

Donate to help us increase the cash prizes, get a more powerful instance, and support new features!