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amplifier pme: amplifier: Check profile before writing May 11, 2017
bluetooth pme: bluetooth: Disable BTM_WBS_INCLUDED Jan 13, 2017
camera pme: camera: provide missing parameter for new hal Dec 9, 2016
fingerprint pme: fingerprint: Identify ourselves as the current fpc device version Jan 9, 2017
gps pme: Changed gps capabilities to work with Sprint Jan 12, 2017
idc pme: initial conversion from hiae May 11, 2016
include pme: Remove no longer necessary RIL header Sep 1, 2017
init pme: remove duplicate model definition Sep 1, 2017
libhtcril_db pme: Add a source built libhtcril_db to replace vendor blob Sep 20, 2016
liblight pme: more rebrand changes for LineageOS Apr 18, 2017
liblog_htc Revert "pme: Allow us to hexedit slim_daemon to inject liblog_htc" Mar 17, 2017
libshim_power pme: Shim a missing symbol in used by fpc & others Dec 17, 2016
releasetools pme: Add script to use different vendor libril for CDMA devices Mar 14, 2017
rootdir Remove context= from fstab Mar 3, 2018
sepolicy pme: GestureHandler: Slot into Gestures Aug 31, 2017
thermal pme: thermal: Fix the name Dec 9, 2016 pme: Rewrite build-time symlinks creation & remove apq links Dec 22, 2016 Apply mariogrip patches Mar 1, 2018 pme: initial conversion from hiae May 11, 2016 pme: proprietary: Be normal about it Mar 4, 2017 Apply mariogrip patches Mar 1, 2018
lineage.dependencies pme: Add devicesettings Feb 14, 2017 pme: Rebrand to lineage Jan 6, 2017
proprietary-files.txt pme: remove pm-service on boot Nov 3, 2017 pme: proprietary: Be normal about it Mar 4, 2017

Unified Device Tree for HTC 10 (pme)

The HTC 10 (codenamed "pme") is a flagship smartphone from HTC. It was released in April 2016.

Basic Spec Sheet
CPU Quad-core 2.15/1.6 GHz Kyro
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820
GPU Adreno 530
Memory 4 GB RAM
Shipped Android Version 6.0.1
Storage 32/64 GB
MicroSD Up to 200 GB
Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery
Display 1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.2 inches (~565 ppi pixel density)
Camera 12 MP, 4000 x 3000 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, OIS

Copyright 2016 - The CyanogenMod Project.

HTC 10

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