Tool for managing Open Source assets
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Tool for managing Open Source assets.

## Why ?

Managing Open Source assets is a hard task in any project ; we often download awesome librairies, images or medias, but where to keep trace of all theses files ? How can I manage Open Source licenses of medias in my project ?

That's the problem oss try to resolve today.

simple overview of oss

## Installation

Download binary for your platform:

## Usage

On first run, please execute

oss init

Then, you can use the following commands:

  • status: list assets of the project
  • add <license> <file> [<description>]: register new file
  • rm <file>: unregister file
  • show <file>: display information about the given file

Or to get information about SPDX licenses :

  • licenses: list available licenses (base on the SPDX license list)
  • search <expression>: Search licenses matching expression
  • update: update SPDX license list

Keep in mind that the license identifier should be registered in SPDX License list


MIT License. Copyright (c) Jean-François Lépine. See LICENSE for details.

## Contributing

cd OSS
make init && make install
( ... your development ...)
make build

Remember to keep tests up to date (and, of course, to run them with make test)

Builds are hosted by bintray. Today, only me (Halleck45) has permission to publish binaries.