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Hallem Lab

A repository for data and code associated with publications from the Hallem Lab at UCLA.

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  1. Wild_Worm_Codon_Adapter Wild_Worm_Codon_Adapter Public

    Shiny Web app for automatic codon optimization based on codon usage in Strongyloides species, Pristionchus species, Brugia malayi, as well as user-provided custom codon lookup tables

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  2. Bryant-DeMarco-Hallem-2021 Bryant-DeMarco-Hallem-2021 Public

    Preprocessing and analysis files related to the Strongyloides RNAseq Browser

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  3. Bryant-and-Hallem-2021 Bryant-and-Hallem-2021 Public

    Preprocessing and analysis files related to the Wild Worm Codon Adapter

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  4. Bryant_et_al_2021 Bryant_et_al_2021 Public

    Data and code associated with the Hallem Lab manuscript titled "The neural basis of heat seeking in a human-infective parasitic worm."


  5. Thermotaxis_Tracker Thermotaxis_Tracker Public

    Thermotaxis Single Worm Tracking Codebase


  6. Chemotaxis_Tracker Chemotaxis_Tracker Public

    Hallem Lab Chemotaxis Tracking Codebase



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