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Eleventy packages

This monorepository groups several plugins and kickin CLI in order to make their development easier. Documentation for every package is in their own folders. Please, refer to them if you search for plugin's behavior.

It consists of:

  1. eleventy-plugin-compress
  2. eleventy-plugin-pwa-icons
  3. eleventy-plugin-scripts
  4. eleventy-plugin-styles
  5. eleventy-plugin-workbox
  6. eleventy-plugin-cloudflare-image-resizing
  7. eleventy-shortcode-image
  8. kickin


This project relies on npm workspaces feature that is available since npm v7. For Node version there aren't any restrictions.

  1. node - at least last LTS release (preferable).
  2. npm - ^7.0.0 (needed for workspaces).



For building packages use command below:

npm run build


For publishing a package use release:* commands.

Don't forget to bump a version of the package.


Before committing changes be sure that they are described in and files under package that have been changed!

This project uses Conventional Changelog Specification for structuring commit messages.

Commit message should have this structure:

type(scope?): subject

? means that section is optional.

  • type can only be one of this words:
| `build` - changes that affect the build system or external dependencies.
| `chore` - unimportant small changes.
| `ci` - changes to our CI configuration files and scripts.
| `docs` - documentation only changes.
| `feat` - a new feature.
| `fix` - a bug fix.
| `perf` - a code change that improves performance.
| `refactor` - a code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature.
| `revert` - a code change that returns back some functionality.
| `style` - changes that do not affect the meaning of the code.
| `test` - adding missing tests or correcting existing tests.
  • scope is a name of the package that was changed.
  • subject is a short description of the commit.
  • body is a detailed description (reasons of the changes, what is done, how and so on.)
  • footer can be used for marking issue ids on GitHub.

You can refer to Angular guidelines for extended information.

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Have fun! ✌️

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