Local PyCon event in Israel, 2016
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PyCon IL 2016 -- early adopters version

Welcome! This is the early repository of PyCon IL, the first Israeli PyCon.

Join us

PyCons are community events. Everybody is welcome, anyone can contribute. You can join us on following channels:

Google Group mailing list is available for everyone. We also have a private Slack instance. Send email to edanm@btlms.com if you want access to it.


  1. Setup development environment:

    npm install -g gulp bower
    cd static
    npm install
    bower install

(If you don't want to install system-wide, run e.g. npm config set prefix ~/.local/npm_prefix beforehand; then run the tools from ~/.local/npm_prefix/bin.)

  1. Run watcher:

    cd static && gulp
  2. Visit http://localhost:3000/2016/

This is needed because the development version doesn't have the 2016 redirect set up.

  1. Commit changes and submit pull-request

  2. If you're looking to make content changes, start in the static/jade/ directory (main page is index.jade).

Publish to AWS S3 (Manual Process)

Currently, the only way to publish the site to our temporary staging url is manually, and can be done by edanm.

Send in a pull request, and assuming all is well, he'll deploy it ASAP.

If you need to get in touch for any reason, feel free to send a message via any means you feel like (email is edanm@btlms.com)


This project is gratefully built on PyCon CZ's 2015 website.


The MIT License. See LICENSE.md for details.