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235 - hockey results with a familiar feel


NHL results on your command-line with a familiar feel.

For decades, number 235 has been an important part of the morning routine of Finnish hockey fans. YLE's (Finnish Broadcasting Company) teletext page 235 displays on-going or latest results for NHL games. Its cultural importance is so big that I wanted to pay homage to it with this project.

Status of the project

I consider 235 as pretty much feature-complete at this point. I'll fix bugs if I run into them and at some point I'll take a look at learning how to build it for other platforms than just Mac. Other than that, the project is not dead or abandoned even though it won't receive updates – it's just, you know, working.



You can either install via Rust's Cargo:

cargo install nhl-235

I recommend adding a symlink to have a traditional 235 feeling:

ln -s ~/.cargo/bin/nhl-235 /usr/local/bin/235

If you're storing your cargo packages in a different folder, replace ~/.cargo/bin/nhl-235 with your folder path.

Download binaries

or download the latest binaries from GitHub.

Store the file with filename 235 in a folder that is in the path.


Basic usage


Highlight favorite players

235 (from 1.2.0 onwards) supports configurable highlights of individual players.

To do this, you first need to create a config file to your home directory called .235.config and then call the script with

235 --highlight

Show player stats for favorite players

From 1.3.0 onwards, you can see your favorite players' game stats (goals + assists) by defining those players in $HOME/.235.config (a list of last names, one per line) and running

235 --stats

Current version

235 --version


This project is licensed under the MIT License



This project uses peruukki/nhl-score-api for the data.

Futurice Spice Program

Development of 235 has been a grateful recipient of the Futurice Open Source sponsorship program.

YLE Tekstitv

None of this would exist without the cultural importance of YLE's teletext and the page 235 has had in Finnish hockey fan culture.