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What's new

  • Version detection is now done (when available) using the new SVC 0x2E in Luma3DS 6.1 and up. This should be a more reliable way of detecting the version which shouldn't break as often. (and will work even if there are issues with the payload path).
  • Luma Updater should now obey parental control lockout.1

1. I didn't test this thoroughly so if there are any problems please write a detailed issue


  • The old algorithm for detecting version by searching the payload (still used for the backup version) now correctly detect Luma3DS 6.0 and up.

Deprecation warning

  • Due to changes in the old payload-searching algorithm AuReiNand payloads will not be recognized anymore. For upgrading FROM AuReiNand to Luma3DS either do the migration manually (using these guides) or use LumaUpdater v1.4.1

Thanks to

  • @astronautlevel2 for finding out how the version control broke and telling me!
  • @TuxSH for telling me about SVC 0x2E and the Luma3DS team for making that feature!
  • @LiquidFenrir for proposing and helping me with the parental control lockout feature

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