FreelancerBlog is a blog built with Asp.Net Core around the idea of hexagonal architecture and CQRS.
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FreelancerBlog is a multi-language blog for freelancers built with Asp.Net Core 2. It gives its user the ability to post content, portfolio, different price plans etc.

Technical Aspects

FreelancerBlog is built with Asp.Net Core 2 as its web framework, AutoMapper to map between boundaries, MediatR to handle commands and queries and also to achieve uniform interfaces in our controllers through implementing mediator pattern and x-Unit as its testing framework. It also uses paradigms such as SOLID, Ports and Adapters Architecture, CQRS to achieve more flexibility and increase maintainability.

What do you need to run it?

  • Visual Studio 2017 Update 3
  • NET Core 2.0 SDK