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Fix a Lua syntax error in Closes #1594

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cmsj committed Nov 22, 2017
1 parent 6030e99 commit e3498c316f31c23766712e163d324d5b86b9d57c
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@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ In most cases, the API should take roughly this form:
* `NAME:bindHotkeys(mapping)` - this method is used to tell the Spoon how to bind hotkeys for its various functions. Depending on the Spoon, these hotkeys may be bound immediately, or when `:start()` is called. This method should accept a single argument, a table in the form:

{ someFeature: {{"cmd", "alt"}, "f"},
otherFeature: {{"shift", "ctrl"}, "b"}}
{ someFeature = {{"cmd", "alt"}, "f"},
otherFeature = {{"shift", "ctrl"}, "b"}}

The Spoon should also provide some standard metadata:

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