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This is a sample realtime dashboard using Hamoni Sync. Template is SB Admin an open source, admin dashboard template for Bootstrap created by Start Bootstrap.


Live Dashboard Hamoni Sync.gif

Download and Installation

To begin using this sample app

  • Clone or download this repository
  • Run npm install to install its dependencies
  • Copy your Account and Application ID from your dashboard if you're already logged in. If you don't have an account, Register and Login to Hamoni Sync dashboard
  • Open server.js. On lines 20 & 21, replace the sring placeholder for account and application ID with values you see on your dashboard.
  • Open sb-admin-charts.js in public/js folder. Replace the sring placeholder for account and application ID with values you see on your dashboard.
  • Start the application using npm start. This starts the starts the server and serves file from localhost:5000. It also tries to create and update state at certain intervals. If you restart the application, it may have created the state. if that is the case, comment lines 37 - 40 and uncomment lines 41 - 43
  • Open the url localhost:5000 in the browser and see the dashboard change in real-time.

For a walkthrough on Hamoni Sync or Quick Start tutorial on building a live dashboard, see the doccumentation at

About Hamoni Sync

Hamoni Sync is a real-time state synchronisation service. Using it helps you:

  • avoid building and managing all the real-time infrastructure yourself

  • Manage the mental mapping of architecting states around generic publish/subscribe services with rooms or channels.

Hamoni Sync manages all necessary server infrastructure to scale any real-time app. It also provides an SDK for your client and backend applications with an easy-to-understand API to retrieve and manipulate state, which lives in our database.

With Sync you can build:

  • Live Dashboards
  • Live Score board
  • Stock Ticker
  • Game States and many more!