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Automated Frida hook generation with JEB
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Generate Frida hooks automatically using JEB. This is done using a naïve signature based algorithm:

  1. Search for a unique magic string such as "Certificate pinning failure!" in OkHttp's case;
  2. Get the class where the string resides and extract the class path;
  3. Loop through each method of the above class, and check if the parameters matches our signature;
  4. Optionally check the return value.

For more information, see: Automated Frida hook generation with JEB


  1. Put the script in the JEB scripts folder;
  2. Edit the script accordingly;
  3. Run it from JEB GUI or use the following command:
./ -c --srv2 -- "/path/to/apk/file.apk"

Sample output

➜  jeb-pro ./ -c --srv2 -- "/path/to/apk/file.apk"
<JEB startup header omitted>

🔥 JEB scripting
{JebFridaHookArtifact > JebFridaHookArtifact}: 4956 resource files were adjusted
Attempting to merge the multiple DEX files into a single DEX file...
<JEB processing omitted>
{JebFridaHookArtifact > JebFridaHookArtifact}: DEX merger was successful and produced a virtual DEX unit

🔥 Fresh Frida Hooks
'use strict';
    // Usage: frida -U -f -l generated_hook.js --no-pause
    Java.perform(function() {

        var okhttp3_CertificatePinner0 = Java.use('<omitted>');
        var findMatchingPins0 = okhttp3_CertificatePinner0.a.overload('java.lang.String');
        findMatchingPins0.implementation = function(hostname) {
            console.log('[+] okhttp3.CertificatePinner.findMatchingPins(' + hostname + ') # <omitted>()');
            return, ''); // replace hostname with empty string

        var okhttp3_CertificatePinner1 = Java.use('com.squareup.okhttp.CertificatePinner');
        var findMatchingPins1 = okhttp3_CertificatePinner1.findMatchingPins.overload('java.lang.String');
        findMatchingPins1.implementation = function(hostname) {
            console.log('[+] okhttp3.CertificatePinner.findMatchingPins(' + hostname + ') # com.squareup.okhttp.CertificatePinner.findMatchingPins()');
            return, ''); // replace hostname with empty string


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