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Welcome to Medusa, a JavaFX library for Gauges and Clocks.


You could find the binaries either on Maven Central or on bintray


Please find a list of the available skins incl. screenshots and default settings on the following pages


You can find some demos that show how to make use of Medusa here.

On my blog harmonic-code.org you could also find information related to the usage of Medusa.

There also is a little video on youtube of version 5.5 youtube

Gauge Overview

On the following image you can see the main features of a standard Medusa Gauge. Gauge Overview

To create a standard Medusa Gauge you can and should use the provided GaugeBuilder. The following example shows the GaugeBuilder with most of the available features for the standard Medusa Gauge. To play around with it you have to enable the different boolean properties.

If you scroll to the right you will find descriptions of each variable.

Gauge gauge = 
                  .skinType(SkinType.GAUGE)                                                        // Skin for your Gauge
                  .prefSize(500,500)                                                               // Preferred size of control
                  // Related to Foreground Elements
                  .foregroundBaseColor(Color.BLACK)                                                // Color for title, subtitle, unit, value, tick label, zeroColor, tick mark, major tick mark, medium tick mark and minor tick mark
                  // Related to Title Text
                  .title("Title")                                                                  // Text for title
                  .titleColor(Color.BLACK)                                                         // Color for title text
                  // Related to Sub Title Text
                  .subTitle("SubTitle")                                                            // Text for subtitle
                  .subTitleColor(Color.BLACK)                                                      // Color for subtitle text
                  // Related to Unit Text
                  .unit("Unit")                                                                    // Text for unit
                  .unitColor(Color.BLACK)                                                          // Color for unit text
                  // Related to Value Text
                  .valueColor(Color.BLACK)                                                         // Color for value text
                  .decimals(0)                                                                     // Number of decimals for the value/lcd text
                  // Related to LCD
                  .lcdVisible(false)                                                               // LCD instead of the plain value text
                  .lcdDesign(LcdDesign.STANDARD)                                                   // Design for LCD
                  .lcdFont(LcdFont.DIGITAL_BOLD)                                                   // Font for LCD (STANDARD, LCD, DIGITAL, DIGITAL_BOLD, ELEKTRA)
                  // Related to scale
                  .scaleDirection(ScaleDirection.CLOCKWISE)                                        // Direction of Scale (CLOCKWISE, COUNTER_CLOCKWISE)
                  .minValue(0)                                                                     // Start value of Scale
                  .maxValue(100)                                                                   // End value of Scale
                  .startAngle(320)                                                                 // Start angle of Scale (bottom -> 0, direction -> CCW)
                  .angleRange(280)                                                                 // Angle range of Scale starting from the start angle
                  // Related to Tick Labels
                  .tickLabelDecimals(0)                                                            // Number of decimals for tick labels
                  .tickLabelLocation(TickLabelLocation.INSIDE)                                     // Should tick labels be inside or outside Scale (INSIDE, OUTSIDE)
                  .tickLabelOrientation(TickLabelOrientation.HORIZONTAL)                           // Orientation of tick labels (ORTHOGONAL,  HORIZONTAL, TANGENT)
                  .onlyFirstAndLastTickLabelVisible(false)                                         // Should only the first and last tick label be visible
                  .tickLabelSectionsVisible(false)                                                 // Should sections for tick labels be visible
                  .tickLabelSections(section1, section2)                                           // Sections to color tick labels
                  .tickLabelColor(Color.BLACK)                                                     // Color for tick labels (overriden by tick label sections)
                  // Related to Tick Marks
                  .tickMarkSectionsVisible(false)                                                  // Should sections for tick marks be visible
                  .tickMarkSections(section1, section2)                                            // Sections to color tick marks
                  // Related to Major Tick Marks
                  .majorTickMarksVisible(true)                                                     // Should major tick marks be visible
                  .majorTickMarkType(TickMarkType.LINE)                                            // Tick mark type for major tick marks (LINE, DOT, TRIANGLE, TICK_LABEL)
                  .majorTickMarkColor(Color.BLACK)                                                 // Color for major tick marks (overriden by tick mark sections)
                  // Related to Medium Tick Marks
                  .mediumTickMarksVisible(true)                                                    // Should medium tick marks be visible
                  .mediumTickMarkType(TickMarkType.LINE)                                           // Tick mark type for medium tick marks (LINE, DOT, TRIANGLE)
                  .mediumTickMarkColor(Color.BLACK)                                                // Color for medium tick marks (overriden by tick mark sections)
                  // Related to Minor Tick Marks
                  .minorTickMarksVisible(true)                                                     // Should minor tick marks be visible
                  .minorTickMarkType(TickMarkType.LINE)                                            // Tick mark type for minor tick marks (LINE, DOT, TRIANGLE)
                  .minorTickMarkColor(Color.BLACK)                                                 // Color for minor tick marks (override by tick mark sections)
                  // Related to LED
                  .ledVisible(false)                                                               // Should LED be visible
                  .ledType(LedType.STANDARD)                                                       // Type of the LED (STANDARD, FLAT)
                  .ledColor(Color.rgb(255, 200, 0))                                                // Color of LED
                  .ledBlinking(false)                                                              // Should LED blink
                  .ledOn(false)                                                                    // LED on or off
                  // Related to Needle
                  .needleShape(NeedleShape.ANGLED)                                                 // Shape of needle (ANGLED, ROUND, FLAT)
                  .needleSize(NeedleSize.STANDARD)                                                 // Size of needle (THIN, STANDARD, THICK)
                  .needleColor(Color.CRIMSON)                                                      // Color of needle
                  // Related to Needle behavior
                  .startFromZero(false)                                                            // Should needle start from the 0 value
                  .returnToZero(false)                                                             // Should needle return to the 0 value (only makes sense when animated==true)
                  // Related to Knob
                  .knobType(KnobType.STANDARD)                                                     // Type for center knob (STANDARD, PLAIN, METAL, FLAT)
                  .knobColor(Color.LIGHTGRAY)                                                      // Color of center knob
                  .interactive(false)                                                              // Should center knob be act as button
                  .onButtonPressed(buttonEvent -> System.out.println("Knob pressed"))              // Handler (triggered when the center knob was pressed)
                  .onButtonReleased(buttonEvent -> System.out.println("Knob released"))            // Handler (triggered when the center knob was released)
                  // Related to Threshold
                  .thresholdVisible(false)                                                         // Should threshold indicator be visible
                  .threshold(50)                                                                   // Value of threshold
                  .thresholdColor(Color.RED)                                                       // Color of threshold indicator
                  .checkThreshold(false)                                                           // Should each value be checked against threshold
                  .onThresholdExceeded(thresholdEvent -> System.out.println("Threshold exceeded")) // Handler (triggered if checkThreshold==true and the threshold is exceeded)
                  .onThresholdUnderrun(thresholdEvent -> System.out.println("Threshold underrun")) // Handler (triggered if checkThreshold==true and the threshold is underrun)
                  // Related to Gradient Bar
                  .gradientBarEnabled(false)                                                       // Should gradient filled bar be visible to visualize a range
                  .gradientBarStops(new Stop(0.0, Color.BLUE),                                     // Color gradient that will be use to color fill bar
                                    new Stop(0.25, Color.CYAN),
                                    new Stop(0.5, Color.LIME),
                                    new Stop(0.75, Color.YELLOW),
                                    new Stop(1.0, Color.RED))
                  // Related to Sections
                  .sectionsVisible(false)                                                          // Should sections be visible
                  .sections(section1, section2)                                                    // Sections that will be drawn (won't be drawn if colorGradientEnabled==true)
                  .checkSectionsForValue(false)                                                    // Should each section be checked against current value (if true section events will be fired)
                  // Related to Areas
                  .areasVisible(false)                                                             // Should areas be visible
                  .areas(section1, section2)                                                       // Areas that will be drawn
                  // Related to Markers
                  .markersVisible(false)                                                           // Should markers be visible
                  .markers(marker1, marker2)                                                       // Markers that will be drawn
                  // Related to Value
                  .animated(false)                                                                 // Should needle be animated
                  .animationDuration(500)                                                          // Speed of needle in milliseconds (10 - 10000 ms)
                  .onValueChanged(o -> System.out.println(((DoubleProperty) o).get()))             // InvalidationListener (triggered each time the value changed)