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A Java library containing JavaFX like properties but without the bindings and without the dependencies on the JavaFX packages.

Sometimes it can be very useful to have JavaFX like properties in environments where you don't have JavaFX available (e.g. Android).

And because even in JavaFX bindings are available I usually don't use them but use listeners instead for me this is the easiest way of using properties without having JavaFX available.

If you would like to use it on Android just checkout the android branch. This branch contains the exact same code as the master branch but without using the Java 8 features.

There the following properties available:

  • ByteProperty
  • ReadOnlyByteProperty
  • ShortProperty
  • ReadOnlyShortProperty
  • LongProperty
  • ReadOnlyLongProperty
  • IntegerProperty
  • ReadOnlyIntegerProperty
  • FloatProperty
  • ReadOnlyFloatProperty
  • DoubleProperty
  • ReadOnlyDoubleProperty
  • StringProperty
  • ReadOnlyStringProperty
  • CharProperty
  • ReadOnlyCharProperty
  • ObjectProperty
  • ReadOnlyObjectProperty

On each property you can add remove event listeners as follows:

DoubleProperty value = new DoubleProperty(5);

value.addListener(e -> System.out.println("Value changed from: " + 
                                           e.getOldValue() + 
                                           " to " + 

#> Value changed from: 5.0 to 7.0

Demo usage

public class PoJo {
    private DoubleProperty  doubleValue;
    private BooleanProperty booleanValue;

    // ******************** Constructors **************************************
    public PoJo() {
        doubleValue  = new DoubleProperty();
        booleanValue = new BooleanProperty();

    // ******************** Methods *******************************************
    public double getDoubleValue() { return doubleValue.get(); }
    public void setDoubleValue(final double VALUE) { doubleValue.set(VALUE); }
    public DoubleProperty doubleValueProperty() { return doubleValue; }

    public boolean isBooleanValue() { return booleanValue.get(); }
    public ReadOnlyBooleanProperty booleanValueProperty() {
        return booleanValue;