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Ansible Debian/Devuan/Ubuntu/Raspbian bootstrap

Ansible Galaxy Build Status

This role bootstraps Debian/Devuan/Ubuntu/Raspbian hosts:

  • Configure APT (sources.list)
  • Install minimal packages (vim, htop...)
  • Install Intel/AMD microcode if needed
  • Install and configure NTP daemon (OpenNTPd or NTP)
  • Add groups, users with SSH key, sudoers
  • Deploy bashrc, vimrc for root
  • Update few alternatives
  • Configure system: hostname, timezone and locale
  • Purge, delete and avoid systemd if wanted
  • Sysctl tuning

Supported versions

OS Working Stable (active support)
Debian Stretch (9) Yes Yes
Debian Buster (10) Yes Yes
Debian Bullseye (11) Yes Yes
Devuan Ascii (2) Yes No
Raspbian Stretch (9) Experimental No
Raspbian Buster (10) Experimental No
Ubuntu Bionic (18.04) Yes No


Role Variables

APT configuration

Theses variables define hostname to configure APT (normal repo and backports):

  • dbs_apt_default_host: repository host. It can replace the last one (installed with this role) with a new one
  • dbs_apt_use_src: install "deb-src" repositories (default: false)
  • dbs_apt_components: components uses in sources.list (default: "main contrib non-free")

Role setup

  • dbs_set_hostname: if true, change hostname
  • dbs_clean_hosts: if true, manages /etc/hosts file
  • dbs_set_locale: if true, configure locales
  • dbs_set_timezone: if true, set timezone
  • dbs_set_ntp: if true, install and configure OpenNTPd
  • dbs_set_apt: if true, configure APT repository

System configuration

  • dbs_hostname: system hostname
  • dbs_hostname_use_strategy: strategy used to set hostname check "use" in hostname module. You should update this var only if hostname fails (in LXC for example).
  • dbs_default_locale: default system locale
  • dbs_locales: list of installed locales
  • dbs_timezone: system timezone. If you need a "standard" timezone like UTC, you must use prefix "Etc/" (ex: "Etc/UTC")
  • dbs_sysctl_config: hash of kernel parameters, see: default/main.yml
  • dbs_use_systemd: delete systemd if set to false (persistent)
  • dbs_use_dotfiles: overwrite root dotfiles (bashrc, screenrc, vimrc)
  • dbs_uninstall_packages: packages list to uninstall


  • dbs_alternative_editor
  • dbs_alternative_awk


  • dbs_ntp_hosts: hostnames NTP server list
  • dbs_ntp_pkg: package used to provide NTP: "openntpd" or "ntp"


  • dbs_groups: list of group

Each row have few keys:

  • name: (M) username on system
  • system: (O) yes/no (default: no)
  • state: (O) present/absent (default: present)

(M) Mandatory (O) Optionnal


  • dbs_users: list of user

Each row have few keys:

  • name: (M) username on system
  • password: (O) password with hash format (see ansible doc)
  • clear_password: (O) password as clear format (not recommanded)
  • update_password: (O) always / on_create
  • shell: (O) default is /bin/bash
  • comment: (O) default is an empty string
  • sudo: (O) boolean (true = can sudo)
  • group: (O) main group (default is name without password)
  • groups: (O) comma separated list of groups
  • createhome: (O) yes/no
  • system: (O) yes/no (default: no)
  • ssh_keys: (O) ssh public keys list
  • state: (O) present/absent (default: present)

(M) Mandatory (O) Optionnal


  • if password is specified, clear_password is not used!
  • clear_password is not idempotent with update_password = always (default)

For more information, look ansible user module doc.

Readonly vars

  • dbs_packages: list of packages to install
  • dbs_microcode_apt_distribution: location of package to install microcode
  • dbs_distro_packages: list specific package to install (related to OS version)
  • dbs_is_docker: boolean. Is true if current is a docker container



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: HanXHX.debian_bootstrap }

About Docker

Due to Docker limitations, theses features are disabled:

  • Removing systemd
  • Setting hostname
  • Configure sysctl




If this code helped you, or if you’ve used them for your projects, feel free to buy me some 🍻

  • Bitcoin: 1BQwhBeszzWbUTyK4aUyq3SRg7rBSHcEQn
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No crypto-currency? the project is also a way of saying thank you! 😎

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