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bradleysepos docs: Improve language for macOS build requirements.
HandBrake builds with Xcode 10 on macOS 10.13.6 and works fine on Mojave. Building on Mojave is only required to enable Dark Mode toolbar icons support.
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HandBrake Documentation

HandBrake's documentation exists to provide a well researched, reasonably tested, and clearly written layperson's guide to using HandBrake.

The main focus of the project is and must always be to serve normal people using HandBrake, regardless of their technical expertise, by describing common workflows using plain language and visual guides. These docs are neither written nor designed for engineers. They are for everyone, especially non-engineer humans.

The documentation is available in two public forms:

Most people should use the first resource, which is the official published documentation. If you want to learn how to use HandBrake, go there now! Official HandBrake Documentation

Contributing and Translations

We welcome most contributions. While it is our goal to allow everyone to contribute, contributions not meeting the project's goals or standards may be rejected. For this reason, we suggest communicating your interests before making any broad changes.

Please read the published documentation's Contributing article for more information, and this repository's contributing guidelines for information specific to the documentation project.