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A simple math library for games and computer graphics. Compatible with both C and C++. Public domain and easy to modify.


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Handmade Math

A single-file, cross-platform, public domain graphics math library for both C and C++. Supports vectors, matrices, quaternions, and all the utilities you'd expect.

To get started, go download the latest release.

If you are upgrading to Handmade Math 2.0, save yourself some time and use our automatic update tool.

Here's what sets Handmade Math apart:

  • A simple single-header library. Just #include "HandmadeMath.h".
  • Supports both C and C++. While libraries like GLM only support C++, Handmade Math supports both C and C++, with convenient overloads wherever possible. For example, C++ codebases get operator overloading, and C11 codebases get _Generic versions of common operations.
  • Supports all graphics APIs. Handmade Math has left- and right-handed versions of each operation, as well as support for zero-to-one and negative-one-to-one NDC conventions.
  • Swizzling, sort of. Handmade Math's vector types use unions to provide several ways of accessing the same underlying data. For example, the components of an HMM_Vec3 can be accessed as XYZ, RGB, or UVW - or subsets can be accessed like .XY and .YZ.
  • Your choice of angle unit. While Handmade Math uses radians by default, you can configure it to use degrees or turns instead.


Simply #include "HandmadeMath.h". All functions are static inline, so there is no need for an "implementation" file as with some other single-header libraries.

A few config options are available. See the header comment in the source for details.


What conventions does HMM use, e.g. row vs. column major, handedness, etc.?

Handmade Math's matrices are column-major, i.e. data is stored by columns, then rows. It also assumes column vectors, i.e. vectors are written vertically and matrix-vector multiplication is M * V instead of V * M. For more information, see this issue.

For other properties, we provide variants for each common convention. Functions that care about handedness have left-handed (LH) and right-handed (RH) variants. Projection functions have zero-to-one (ZO) and negative-one-to-one (NO) variants for different NDC conventions.

What if I don't want the HMM_ prefix?

Do a find and replace in the library source.

What's the license?

This library is in the public domain. You can do whatever you want with it.

Where can I contact you to ask questions?

Feel free to make GitHub issues for any questions, concerns, or problems you encounter.