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(PowerPoint slides don't behave well in git and so this repository only contains the specific versions that we release. You can find these under "Releases").

This set of freely available OpenCL lecture material, together with the HandsOnOpenCL exercises and solutions have been created by Simon McIntosh-Smith and Tom Deakin from the University of Bristol in the UK, with financial support from the Khronos Initiative for Training and Education (KITE) to promote the use of open standards.

Simon McIntosh-Smith is one of the foremost OpenCL trainers in the world, having taught the subject since 2009. He has run many OpenCL training courses at conferences such as SuperComputing and HiPEAC, and has provided OpenCL training for the UK's national supercomputing service and for the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. With OpenCL training experience ranging from half day on-site introductions within companies, to two-day intensive hands-on workshops for undergraduates, Simon can provide customized OpenCL training to meet your needs. Get in touch if you'd like to know more: .

For more about the authors, please visit Simon's home page or Tom's home page.


These slides together with the HandsOnOpenCL example and solutions are released under the "attribution CC BY" creative commons license. In other words, you can use these in any way you see fit, including commercially, but please retain an attribution for the original authors, Simon McIntosh-Smith and Tom Deakin.

Issue Tracking for the Lecture Slides

Please file a new Issue if you have found a bug, would like to request an enhancement, or have any other comments about the lecture slides.