A logstash filter for Handset Detection API v4. Enrich your logs with all sorts of device information. :-)
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Build Status Gem Version License: MIT

Handset Detection for Logstash

This is the Handset Detection plugin for Logstash.


Extract the User-Agent header from an Apache log with Grok, and then enrich the log with Headset Detection data:

    filter { 
        grok { 
            match => {  
                "message" => "%{COMBINEDAPACHELOG}" 
        handsetdetection {
            username   => "xxxxxxxxxx" 
            password   => "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
            site_id    => 000000
            detection_type   => "ultimate"
            match      => { 
                "agent" => "user-agent" 
            filter     => [
                "general_vendor", "general_model", "general_type"

Configuration Fields

Field Description Default
detection_type Set to cloud in order to do online lookups against the Handset Detection API. Set to ultimate to use Handset Detection Ultimate Edition. Set to community to use Handset Detection Community Edition cloud
username Your Handset Detection API username
password Your Handset Detection API password
site_id The Handset Detection API site ID to use
db_refresh_days How often to update the locally stored database, in days (for Handset Detection Ultimate Edition and Community Edition) 10
match An associative array mapping input field names to header names used for handset detection. For example: Extract the user-agent header from the agent input field. { "agent" => "user-agent" }
filter Optionally, define an array of the handset spec properties to be included in the output. By default, all properties are included in the output. []
use_proxy Set to true if accessing the web through a proxy false
proxy_server The proxy server address, if using a proxy
proxy_port The proxy server port, if using a proxy
proxy_user Your proxy server username, if authenticating to a proxy
proxy_password Your proxy server password, if authenticating to a proxy


# Logstash 2.3 and higher
bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-filter-handsetdetection

# Prior to Logstash 2.3
bin/plugin install logstash-filter-handsetdetection

Building from source

gem build  logstash-filter-handsetdetection.gemspec