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GUI Wrapper for HandyMiner-CLI
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HandyMiner GUI Setup Guide


  2. Housekeeping

If you have run a Beta HandyMiner-GUI build or Handshake HSD on this machine previously (and are not actively using) like for a testnet: remove your hsd data.

Mac: rm -rf ~/.hsd/testnet

Windows: docker rm earthlabHSD

  1. Install nodejs ~v10

2a. (Windows Only) Install docker

Miner Configuration:

It is critical to choose the right GPU, especially on a laptop!

If you decide to mine on your "Intel HD Graphics" GPU: Your performance will grind to a halt. Why? Because that particular GPU is actually responsible for rendering the pixels on the screen you're looking at now. Furthermore: The hashrate on an Intel-HD is probably comparable to CPU mining with HSD directly so please just use your AMD or NVIDIA dedicated GPUs if you desire using your laptop for simple tasks while mining. Finally: Dont go expecting to do any crazy graphics rendering or gaming on your laptop while mining.

How do I find my GPUs?

Within the Miner GUI is a configuration panel specific to the GPUs you will use. Click the Query GPU IDs button to ask the system which cards are connected.

Note: Most modern Laptops have 2 platforms. 0 or 1. We set to 0 by default. If you dont see your AMD or NVIDIA GPU listed in the Query GPU response: Try the other platform by entering a different platform value in the 'platform' field and click Query GPU IDs again.


  1. I changed my wallet or stratum password and now there are errors or my shares all fail. The miner stratum doesnt deal with password (ultimately wallet) changes.

Easy fix: change the username of the miner in the GUI.

Technical fix: If you change your miner user/password just remove the local stratum directory and restart the miner. Mac: rm -rf ~/.hsd/testnet/stratum Windows folks: docker rm earthlabHSD

  1. I'd like to run a Handshake HSD node myself locally instead Awesome! If GUI sees an hsd node running locally we just use it. Make sure to have hstratum installed and configured properly into your HSD, and run like::
./bin/hsd --network=testnet --cors=true --api-key=earthlab --http-host= --coinbase-address=ts1q59rxjegn030vwe0z3jjgx76j6ql44tpfwkjv5g --index-address=true --index-tx=true --listen --plugins hstratum --stratum-host --stratum-port 3008 --stratum-public-host --stratum-public-port 3008 --stratum-max-inbound 1000 --stratum-difficulty 8 --stratum-dynamic --stratum-password=earthlab

^^ Notice the --coinbase-address field: that's your wallet you'd like to mine to. Also note that we run with the --index-tx=true and --index-address=true flags for GUI. This allows us to show timelines and update the GUI when we win blocks.

  1. How Do I access the Windows Docker Machine? You can ssh in via your terminal (i use git bash). winpty docker exec -it earthlabHSD bash will ssh you into the docker machine's hsd folder (/usr/hsd).

  2. Can I run my dockerized HSD node outside the GUI? You sure can. On your terminal:: winpty docker exec -i earthlabHSD sh -c "./" ts1q59...wkjv5g where ts1.....v5g is your wallet you'd like to mine to.

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