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HandyMiner-Goldshell GUI

Download Latest Prebuilt HandyMiner-Goldshell-GUI in Releases [Skips all the steps below]

Note for Ubuntu users permissions on first run

Easy Installation

   Simple setup will have mining in **seconds** with an incredibly streamlined UX.
   0. Paste your HNS address and create a worker name. 
   1. Select your pool (HNSPool/DXPool/F2Pool support by default) and press Play.
   2. Your miner will immediate connect to the pool and start mining.
   3. Note: Make sure your device is set to not sleep automatically, otherwise your miner will stop mining.

HandyMiner GUI running with the Goldshell HS1 and multiple ASIC devices connected to a USB hub.


HandyBrowser Support Telegram/Handshake Discussion:

🤝 HandshakeTalk Telegram

Donate to the HandyMiner Team:

alt text

HandyMiner Team Donation Address (HNS): hs1qwfpd5ukdwdew7tn7vdgtk0luglgckp3klj44f8

HandyMiner Team Donation Address (BTC): bc1qk3rk4kgek0hzpgs8qj4yej9j5fs7kcnjk7kuvt

Building from Source

First we will checkout HandyMiner-Goldshell-CLI into the project git submodule init git submodule update

Install GUI/CLI-Miner Dependencies:

Node.js is REQUIRED to build AND distribute. Make sure to get the same version of Node.js as the NW.js version you download contains. Download Node.js

  1. npm install -g bower
  2. bower install
  3. npm install -g node-gyp will allow us to compile the native module serialport
  4. npm install in this folder
  5. mkdir externals, then copy the node (or nodejs on linux) binary into the externals folder. Make sure this node is the same version as nw.js is running. Download Node.js binaries here

Building for Mac

  1. Download NW.js
  2. Copy this repo to folder ./
  3. Copy ./icons/app.icns, ./icons/document.icns to ./
  4. To change the app display name, follow directions here

Building for Windows / Linux

  1. Download NW.js
  2. Checkout this repo into the NW.js directory next to nwjs.exe as a folder named package.nw
  3. To change icons, use ResourceHacker to modify nw.exe icons to ./icons/app.ico
  4. Further options to build/distribute here

Building native modules

  1. (Windows) Install Python 2.7
  2. Make sure your system has the same node.js version as nw.js distributable contains. This way we can ensure the distributable can run the pre-build native serialport module.
  3. npm install in this directory, it will build module serialport that can run with NW.js

Ubuntu Users First Run Permissions Step:

To add your user to the device group for non-sudo device access:
The easy way: sudo ./ in the release root, and then logout/login to the linux machine.
Or the less easier way:
  1. Plug in the USB and run the command with the device ID listed in the error, like: ls -la /dev/ttyACM0 It will output something like: crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 Jul 18 18:06 /dev/ttyACM0 Which in our case, the group is dialout
  2. To add your username to the dialout group: sudo useradd -G dialout $USER (OR ON SOME SYSTEMS) sudo adduser $USER dialout
  3. Now logout/login to the computer and voila, you can now mine without sudo!

HandyMiner-Goldshell-GUI - A Handshake Mining GUI for the Goldshell HS1 ASIC

Copyright (C) 2020 HandyMiner